Wednesday 11 August 2010

I met up with Felicia and Weiyoung for Ladies' Night! LOL!
It was felicia's first time clubbing and also mine second time! :D
Mainly is to destress! Weiyoung and I have so much stress at work! Cause NATAS is coming!
It was damn rare that Weiyoung actually agreed to go with us!
We went... Zouk > Attica > Arena! 3 places!
It seems that we went to collect the stamp! =.=

We didn't managed to make felicia dead drunk! But in fact, I am the drunk-est! Not really drunk lah! I think I really drink super fast! But anyway, Congrats to Felicia that she finally club!! HAHA!

Don't really understand why some people like to take pictures in the club. Can't even see properly liao still can take picture. Cause that night, there was this group of girls that stood at the corner... And they kept taking non-stop!! I was quite amazed. So I just my lao kok kok handphone camera and randomly take this one picture!! LOL! Eyes cannot even open! =.=

What a night to destress! :D
And lastly, Happy Birthday Felicia :)


Thursday 12 August 2010
Another Destress with colleagues!
Tiff and I are thinking so hard of the theme! From Pajamas to Sport theme then to the simplest BLACK THEME!! =.= Only those who came last minutes are not in Black theme :D

Anyway, Boss was so enthu about this theme! He was so OKAY with the pajamas theme that he don't mind to go KBOX with pajamas! HAHA! Then, he suggested for Uniform! Well Well...

Actually, it is hard lah. Cause not everyone willing to follow theme :) But yeah, we still enjoyed ourselves! The sad-est thing is, by the time boss wants to come, we are able to leave already. No idea why Kbox doesn't allow us to extend =\

Though not everyone turned up, yet I can conclude it is a quite successful gathering for us! :)
Hopefully we will have another gathering after NATAS! It will be more successful! :D


The saddest thing is I got food poison on that Thursday Night! Just FOR NO REASON! I have no idea what stuff did I eat other than Macdonald and the Honey Lemon from Kbox! In the end, that particular midnight, I ran in and out for 4 times!! Darn tired until I slept in the living room! Cause nearer to toilet! HAHA! Followed by Fever and continuously going toilet =.= This is tired and no joke! I feel like dying!! Anyway, I am okay liao :D Really a bad year for me! :(

With love

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