12 June 2010 Saturday
It has been a long time since we went out together! We should be going for kite-flying! But in the end, the sky wasn't in a good mood! Started to have thunder and things like that! He even prepared all the food and picnic stuff! Still, we have to call off for this kite-flying cum picnic! Awww!

Anyway, we had a good meal at Central Billy Bombers! I always wanted to sit outdoor cause able to view the scenery of the Clarke Quay. It was really beautiful! :) And of course, we enjoyed the meal! :)

I forgot what we have talked about! It is just almost everything under the "stars". The laughs, the jokes, the happenings. "almost" everything! ;)


We walked around Clarke Quay, have a feel of World Cup! And we accidentally banged onto his brother and gf AGAIN! haha! Have no idea why we always caught them dating! :X Supposed to join them for a drink but in the end leave them with their own private space will do. heh heh!

Coincidentally cm was around that area, "show face" to us and afterwards join his friends. haha. Again, we loitered around Clarke Quay. Feel so awkward to sit at one of the pub to drink; just the 2 of us! Kinda weird. So we decided to do the cheapskate things that we always do! Grab a drink and head to timbre! I mean, outside timbre again! :X His brother is right; he can't drink! HAHA! :X He is sure going to scream at this :X

I was wearing a long skirt on that day! Due to that poison insects that leave me with some awful red spots! I have no idea what the hell are they! But they are really driving me crazy with all the bits! :( I am so afraid that it might leave scars! :( *heart ache*

With love

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