HONGKONG with family!

Hello there! I am back from HONGKONG! I visited there once again!! haha. But this time is with family instead of friends :)

Overall, I shall say that my trip is a NIGHTMARE! Really a nightmare trip! Lots of things cropped up! :(


27 May 2010
We took the flight at 10.15AM! Cathay Pacific :) The kids were excited; but aden fell asleep even before the flight took off. HAHA! I enjoyed the meal on board. Delicious!

At the Changi Airport....

First day, we stayed at Park Hotel. Highly Recommended! Good Location, Good Service, Room is okay too! We had our first meal nearby. There are lots of restaurants nearby! (We don't afraid of getting hungry in the middle of the night. hee!)

His super girly pose! haha!

Our first meal in Hong Kong!


Our first destination: Avenue of Star. It would be too early if we go there. So we start to shop nearby the shopping centre - SOGO

Finally, we wait for the Symphony of lights. It start at 8pm! Conclusion: Nothing much! Except for the laser shooting here and there! HAHA! But it is beautiful, I must say ;)

While waiting...

SHOW STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!


Next destination - Charlie Brown Cafe which is just opposite our hotel. Decided to pay a visit as the decoration attracts us. :X

The decorations that welcome us!

Just happened to see lots of cops there. haha! The other time I went, there weren't much cops. I must say. young handsome cops :X Just like the Hongkong drama - EU. HAHA! Anyway, Little aden was sick at night. He vomitted and had a fever. Poor boy!

28 May 2010

Disneyland and overnight at Disney Hollywood! :D

The frontdesk in Disneyland Hollywood is really crap! More like a market to me! Damn Noisy and the counter's procedure is super slow!! :(

After settled with the check-in (The Rooms are only available after 3pm!) We went over to Disney Hotel

Super lucky to see them in the hotel lobby! ^^

Lunch at Lotus Restaurant

Grumpy kid is still unwell! He did not eat/drink at all! Poor boy! :(

Our Lunch!

Aren't they cuteeeee? We spent the timing taking photo of these little cuties! They are too adorable to be eaten! BUT in the end, they still ended up in our stomach! heh heh! I always think that Chicken Little looks like my brother! LOL!

This lunch cost a bomb!!! The fried rice is damn nice! *Drools*

Proceed to Disneyland!

We were greeted by them! It was aden's favourite - goofy! I don't know why he loves goofy so much! Goofy looks like... abit digor to me! HAHA!


Summer Disney Water Parade! That was the Summer Graduation Water Parade. It was so hard to take good pictures of it because of the water! My brother-in-law was video-ing and I am taking the pictures. Both of us were so hard trying to take and we never know when they are splashing! We have to be all ready to stand by to hide inside my bag. My brother-in-law hid it under his shirt. HAHA. Here is the parade!

Seriously we never know that it was a water parade. As we thought we are standing on the "Stay Dry" Area! Who knows man! Aden kept hiding below the umbrella! HAHA! He gets irritated too! He keeps asking them to go away! HAHA!


3D Mickey Show! I recommended them to see this first as it was a really interesting show! You will experience wind/water droplets etc! HAHA! Qien kept shouting when the donald threw the wand! It will have the feeling that you are almost hit by it. HAHA! kids! And aden tried to catch them cause it seems that they are just infront of you! interesting!!


After that, aden seems to be quite restless and he is making a fuss! He did not eat anything at all and kept yelling and doing things that he knew that he is not supposed to. He seems to be so fed up and worst, his fever has not subsided! My sister and my jiefu decided to bring him back to hotel. According to my sister, they brought him to a clinic afterwards and aden's fever was as high as 40degree!! The doctor refused to let them go until his degree drop a little! Poor boy :(

Meanwhile, I brought Qien and my mum around :) Tour Leading again! HAHA!
Meet with the characters!

It is kinda sad that she is unable to take with Cinderella! That was her favourite princess! Actually when we saw there is a queue for Cinderella and Snow White. I brought her and rushed to the queue! But the staff said that was the last queue and we were unable to join in. :( I even pleaded lor! STUPID! Still refused!! Can see that she is disappointed lah. But... ... Luckily she is obedient! She did not make a fuss or what. She just said "nevermind" and I brought her infront of see her carefully! HAHA! I feel so 辛酸!


It's the small world! I always think that it was the most boring ride! HAHA! But surprisely my mum and qien like it! hahaha! Aden will definitely love it if he is able to join us!


Cars. I did not really play. Just helping to take photo! :P

Space Mountain. HAHA! I made a pact with qien! If I accompanied her to play buzzyear's laser shooter, she will accompanied me to play space mountain! Space Mountain is actually a rollar coaster! HAHAHA! Her heart beats very fast when queuing for it. :X That was her first time playing rollar coaster! The ride was too fast! Everything is in a dark! You don't even know which direction you will be facing! In the end, she closed her eyes and scream like mad! HAHA! ME TOO :X

Can you can see! My mum and Qien are hugging each other! HAHAH! And I am screaming! LOL!


Soon, we headed for Fireworks at Sleeping Beauty Castle! Though that was my 2nd time to Disneyland. It was my first time to watch the fireworks =D


Too bad! My sister they all missed this! It was really an awesome fireworks! Jaw-dropping! It would be so much better if I had my jiefu's video camera with me! Fantastic!!


On the way back to Disney Hollywood Hotel!


We are having connecting room all along! It was so much convenient for us! And the room seems to be bigger! HAHA! See! Qien relaxing in her bathtub! SUPER CUTE!


29 May 2010

Seaview in the morning! We upgraded our room to seaview room! ^^


He seems to be recovered right? BUT HE IS NOT! He is suspected with Hand Foot Mouth Disease!! His ucler in his tongue resulted him to reject all foods and drinks! Causing him to feel frustrated all day!! It was a torture for him as well as for us!

Check out of Disneyland, Proceed to Citigate and Maritime Square! Headed to MTR to Citigate!

I saw this sweet moment of this ahpek giving his wife this big bouquet of flowers! HAHA! Then the ahpek took this flowers and his wife helped him to take photo! HAHA! Sweet sia!!

Aden looks like the MTR is crashing onto him ANYTIME! HAHA!


Not much photos taken in citigate! HAHA! We then proceed to Maritime Square :D

Don't know why the other time I went Maritime Square, I never came across this shop that sell Hello Kitty Stuff! I found so many Pochacco things over there! I am a fan of this Pochacco! It is super hard to find his things in Singapore!!! Specially this plush bear! I am darn happy when I saw that! Cause the other thing I saw similar, but bigger was when I was in bangkok a few years back! And I did not buy! Left me with so much regrets! And now!! I GOT IT!! :D


After that, we decided to head back to Disneyland as we are holding onto a 2 days pass! Since aden is able to jump and scream. HAHA!

We brought him to play Buzzyear Laser shooter!! He was so excited but yet he covered his ears! The music is so loud lah!! HAHA! Then his sister wanted to bring him to play the cars. It took us about 15 minutes to queue! THEN, IT POURED!!! DAMN HEAVILY!! It rained so heavily until there is no way for us to play the others!! In the end, we had to buy 3 umbrellas at $27 each!! Cause aden has just recovered from fever, we couldn't afford to let him drenched!

This is what he has become! HAHA! GRUMPY AGAIN!

Back to hotel again while waiting for people to bring us back to Park Hotel!

Our supper of the day!! ^^


30 May 2010
First Destination! BREAKFAST!! Followed by Prince Edward Road (MY LAND OF SHOPPING!) I discovered this place during the last trip! HAHA! It was so near to my hotel! The place where I spent all my money! HAHAHA!!

While shopping till half, we realised qien wasn't feeling well! In the end, she couldn't continue to walk and aden was making a fuss! (He didnt eat/drink for 2 days!) My sister and my jiefu decided to bring them back to hotel while I brought my mum around! SIAN!!! Qien was having fever as high as 38degree! Totally a cui trip!

Then my mum and I were shopping at Prince Edward. I am amazed by the things I have brought! The most amazed thing is MY MUM DID NOT EVEN STOP ME FROM BUYING!!! I kept pushing her to buy too! TOTALLY MADDESS!

Carrying all the barang barang! I brought my mum to Nu Ren Jie before heading back to hotel. I can't just went back to hotel like this and changed shift when my mum never even stepped into Nu Ren Jie! So I just decided to bring her there and WE WALKED TO THERE! HAHA! It was quite near anyway!

So happily shopped at Nu Ren Jie again! My mum was totally shocked at how I bargain! AHEM! I am one of the experienced chap! (cause once being chopped as 菜头!) Obviously need to be smarter!!
Eg: I was looking at the men's belt.
Sales: "Come and take a look. Each is HK$150"
Me: "Can cheaper?"
Sales: "ok lah. HK$120.. They are made from real leather. blah blah"
Me: "Cheaper can anot. So expensive"
Sales: "How much you want"
Me: "I buy 3 belts. 1 HK$50 can?"
Sales: *shouted* "WAH! I sell 1 at HK$150, you want me to give you at 3 for this price! Please lah, you walk this whole street, no one will give you this price!"
Me *tiam tiam, walk away, slowly strolled to the next stall - men's belt too!
Sales: "Ok lah! give you this price lah"
Totally LL!

I proudly told my mum "SEE! This is how to 杀! 你不杀他们,他们杀死你!" There are lots of dishonest seller in Nu Ren Jie! Just open your eyes and you won't be chopped by them! :D

My mum wanted to get Sha Po Fan in the Nu Ren Jie! It was recommended by one of my cousin! damn! We walked for streets after streets, asked people after people! We cannot even find! And mind you, both of our hands and shoulders were carrying things! Totally exhausted!! In the end, we couldn't find it! =\ Worst of all, it was drizzling!!

One thing funniest about my mum! HAHAHA! I kept laughing at her! I don't know if I should be pissed off or not! Seriously my mum's cantonese totally CANNOT MAKE IT! Yet she insisted to speak! I speak chinese over there! So when buying things! People actually can speak chinese! She insisted to speak cantonese! And you know their cantonese is soooo much different from ours! My mum auto changed her language to cantonese when asked about her sha po fan's location. HAHAHA! 真的气死我!!!


In the end, we dabao back to hotel and of course dabao 许留山!! This is a MUST!!! *Drools*
I bought these... in like... less than... 3-4 hours? SUPER SCARY! And I spent all my money there! Left a few hundred HK money only! :P

Returning back to hotel is really a bliss! My arms and legs almost torn off!! I cannot believe by the amount of things my mum and I bought! Impulsive sia! Then changed shift, my jiefu and my sister went out while my mum and I stayed in the hotel! Packed all the things and soon two little brats woke up! Qien was still feverish! As high as 39degree!! Higher instead :(

Then I went down to dabao porridge for qien and bought something for my mum to eat before heading to meet my sister they all. For once, I feel I am a HongKong-er! HAHA! Dabao porridge!

After that, I leave the two brats to my mum and I left to meet my sister and jiefu at Temple Street. HAHA! I am damn pro! Able to go there myself! Really feel that I am a Hongkong-er! Temple Street has nothing much; maybe because it was drizzling so many of the stalls did not open! We made our way back to hotel at about 9-10plus.

PACKING their luggage!!

Still as naughty as ever! =\

The story of this 50cents! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!
If you notice, there is actually a $10 coin! I was buying a HK$39 clothes.
The auntie asked HK$39 from me. Eventually I already prepared this coin on the table. She asked and I pushed this coin nearer to her. Then, she asked again while doing all the packing. I feel puzzled and I pushed this coin to her again. She looked at me and I looked back at her. She said in cantonese (I understand what she mean) "xiao jie, this is 50cents! Not $50!!" I zitao blushed, faster took out notes for her and dashed out of the store immediately!! SUPER PAISEH!!!


31 May 2010
Last day of the trip!! - Last destination!

Breakfast cum Lunch!

There is nothing to shop in the TOYO MALL actually. Just browsing to make time pass as we are leaving at 1pm


At the Hong Kong Airport

Boarded the plane! Aden is always asleep even before the plane has departed! =.= He slept all the way for 2 hours! And when he woke up! CHAOS IS HERE AGAIN!!!!

Peaceful flight! :D until aden is awake! SIGH! Photo taking with the kids! Aden insisted to look outside the window! He feels weird when he saw the wing of the plane! HAHA!


You will never know what happen in the arrival immigration when we are queuing up! IT IS SO DRAMA!! And yet it happened! There is this ahpek believing to be maybe 60plus and his wife. They were quarrel with a lady (roughly mid 20 to early 30s). BY RIGHT, it should be this ahpek quarrelling with this lady. Something to do with the queue! The lady was infront of them. They were just beside my queue.

This ahpek started to scold this lady! In angmo! Okay, as a passerby, we cannot conclude what exactly has happened, but definitely to do with the queue! This ahpek was shouted at her for not letting a senior citizen all these, and said things like "you think singapore is own by your father/grandfather". This lady was so fed up and kept asking him to shut up until the ahpek brought up "father/grandfather". They started to shout at each other! Super Fierce!

What did the police do? Nothing!
Until there is people (angmo I think) who went up to complain! Don't you think is embrassing? Damn xia sway! Then the police came to separate them; ahpek and his wife went out via another digital checkpoint. JUST THEN, this ahpek fainted and fell onto the floor. The lady who was beside me know what happened. Can also see that she was worried as she stopped. Then there came another lady passerby, she stopped and started to pin-point at this lady who was being rude to senior citizen. And the ahpek's wife rushed over to the lady and started to scold her for the doings to her husband! Seriously, I don't think there is any faults in the lady as the ahpek kept scolding at her when she already put it to stop! But luckily, there was another passerby who came and grab this lady away!

In the end... The ahpek die!!The lady must be feeling bad. Not sure if she knows. But it was indeed an accident! Feel so sad and pondered over it. SIGH! Actually, everything is fated but it is kinda sad to happen and end just like that! :(

This trip result my family to fall sick! My sister and mum were down with flu and body ache. As for me, I had a fever out of sudden which is as high at 39! What a sick trip we have!! Finally able to blog about hongkong trip after a week! LOL!

With love

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