I know you can hear me!

A day i prefer to stay at home and snoozed all the way! Kinda shocked when I realised I woke up at 2pm plus!! I would have continue to sleep if I didn't know the time! :P

Was arranging my harddisk and saw the pictures! Feel that it is kinda right for me to post since it is fathers' day! I remembered I posted these picture before! But couldn't find the entry!

This is what I inherited from my dad! DRINK!

Saw my brother? He did look abit like chicken little lah! Damn! But it is blur I know!
I will find clearer picture! HAHA!


Did I mention about the Movie Marathon that love and I did? HAHA!
We watched Nightmare on Elm Street and Sex and the City 2 at the same day with just one ticket *wink*
I almost pronounced Nightmare on Elm Street as Nightmare on Elmo Street! I was still thinking horror movie involving Elmo? =X

Nightmare on Elm Street!
The meaning of the movie is there! BUT the ending is just so sucks! Specially the ending music!
Gives us a -.- immediately! Almost throw popcorn at the screen!! It become a joke for us when he always forced himself to stay awake. He will like "no, I cannot sleep. I must stay awake" Then I will say "why? freddy is coming after you?" HAHA! Okay. jokes only we know! :X

Sex and the city 2

Hall-Hopping and it is showing Sex and the City 2! Just nice, I wanted to watch this too! HAHA!
Overall, we still feel that Sex and the City worth more than Nightmare!!


Last weekend, we went for another movie marathon. - Toy Story 3 and Karate Kid!

Toy Story is my priority. Seriously I love the potato man and his wife... since young! HAHA!
I love it when their features all dropped on the floor and they were searching to place it back and always in the wrong place! HAHA! In this Toy Story 3! What makes me laugh out loud was when Mr potato become Mr Cucumber! HAHA! And his wife still said "You have grown taller!" HAHA! Toy Story is my childhood movie! Recommended!! :D Thumbs up!

The Karate Kid! :D There is some part when I find quite boring! But after all, I love the storyline and everything! Still...recommended!! :D

We are not into movies! But suddenly we are so INTO MOVIES NOW! HAHAHA! Due to hall hopping! HAHA! It can be exciting! But we are not always lucky! :P

With love

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