Sunday with mambo

Sunday with mambo!

Somehow i think the sun likes me! The sun always shine so brightly when I am having photo shoot! =\ The sun don't shine when I'm in the shelter, shine when I am out of the shelter! This seriously kills! And I don't put sunblock (sunblock makes me darker instead) Anyway, I enjoyed the shoot though it is soooo hot! I think I am used to it. Duxton Pinnacles, that time is 10 times hotter than that day!

But anyway, a day at HELIX BRIDGE! COOL!


That was my second time to put on fake eyelashes! HAHA! I don't know how to put until my colleague, tiffany taught me. I still remembered during photoshoot with HANGERSBAR. It took 45 minutes for me to put on. STILL FAILED!

In the end, tiffany helped me! And she took less than 10 mins! URGH! So that day shoot, I tried to put on and it success! THANK GOD! I finally know how to put on. It is hard lah, for me! I think I will only put on photoshoot and saturday only. HAHA! It is a chore! But it save so much
mascara lah. HAHA! :P

With love

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