Random meet up with Secondary Clique on Tuesday!
Apparently everyone refused to come out; but because of the preggy girlfriend who organised it.
Everyone ON despite of tiredness. LOL!

Preggy girlfriend shows us her scanning. Her tummy is appearing and there are people who actually give up their seat for her. HAHA! And I said that she has an auntie look already :X

This look more clearer! :)

Next month she will most probably know the gender. Everyone is excited. We can start to shop for baby stuff! :D


We went for KBOX-ing at Chinatown. The $8 promotion is always so attractive!! The promotion is still on! We were given a huge room with new system! HAHA! But the system a bit ...

Can you see what we are doing? Rubbing her tummy! HAHAHAHA!

With love

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