the day HE IS BACK!!

14 May 2010

HE IS BACK! like finally And I managed to fetch him from airport! HAHA! That is the first time I am fetching somebody! He should be honored man! Anyway, way to airport from MRT isn't that easy for me =\ I almost got myself lost between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

And I saw wende who also came back from Thailand. His flight is earlier than baby's. So I managed to fetch him too =X Accompanied him to wait to cab.
And he kept mentioning about the thai dance that they watched! HAHA! He asked me if my bf told me. I told him "my bf said their figures weren't great leh" and he said "WAHLAO!! 她们的身材很棒lor" He uses the word 棒 "horhor.. 你的男朋友骗你...!" and he continued that he saw my boyfriend behind or around him and he was standing soooo front which mean baby also very front! Baby still tell me "I saw wende leh. He is infront of the stage lor... I didnt go so front lah. Quite behind" GUY WORDS CANNOT BELIEVE! HAHAHA! *roll eyes* And wende continued his story. He wanted to dash to the backstage to take photos with the girls but being chase out! LOL! And can you believe those officers also dashed in to take photos!?!?! LOL!


Anyway, waited for him for like... 2 hours! He was stucked inside - buying liquors! After that, we went home. I am staying overnight at his place with green light approved. LOL! Did all the laundry and his mum was so surprised that I helped him with all his god damn smelly clothing! It took us for almost 1 - 2 hours to get it done. I almost/became his part time maid already!

Keep nagging at him that I won't want to come and all these. But all are kidding lah. Just nag for fun. hahaha. And one thing I kept nagging at... "Next time give birth to daughters better and I won't have to do it again... See your mum, tomorrow have to wash. Wash yours already, wash your brother..." hahaha. I think I'm pro at "cow cow niam" hahahahahah!

And after that we have supper. We finished everything at almost 4am and start to look for food! That was the earliest breakfast cum latest supper I have ever had!!

These are the items that he brought for me/the clique!

A leather pouch!

Leather keychain for everyone!

Another keychain/luggage Tag

And still many more~~~~


16 May 2010 Saturday
Paktor Day finally resumed after 3 weeks!! For the past 3 weeks...

1st Saturday: Gotten my MC from hospital and stay at home to recuperate.
2nd Saturday: Hang out with cm and kw for talking session!
3rd Saturday: Hang out with kw only for kbox session
4th Saturday: with baby BACK! :DD

Basically, we just went to have a feast! At SUSHI TEH!
HAHA! I really love chawanmushi! I don't know why he said there is a smell inside. It cost so expensive. $4 for a little bowl! But he still ordered for me!

Stuffed ourselves with lots of goodies! After eating, we came by a bakery where they sell puff. And we got one for ourselves after eating sushi teh! =.=

And yah, he still said that I have fatten - MY FACE! He said my face become rounder, wider and fatter! HOW UPSET! How will I get myself not fat when he keeps eating whenever we go out?


OH YA! And he get himself pierced! Super "Ai Sui" And mind you, before that he kept pestering me if it is painful or not! =.= After piecering, "Okay what. not pain de leh..." <-- super hao lian!

my AI SUI boyfriend!

I am going hongkong in ... ... ... less than 2 weeks time!! ^^

With love

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