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Did i say I've chopped my hair last week! It was a sudden decision! Unkempt long hair, super irritating! So I went to chop it off with Shaoling! And she did a Bob haircut (= Prolly I won't have the courage to cut my hair that short!

So many things happened on this day! Sad to say, I am counting down every day! And time seems to pass faster than usual. I used to wait for so long for Friday to come! While now? It seems that the days were shorten ):

21 April 2010 Wednesday

Anyway, I did a blogshop shooting with Hangers Bar. This is my first time with them. Awesome peeps that make me less nervous! =)

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My tummy is giving me some problem! Not really tummy., somewhere around abdomen. Before Hangers Bar photoshoot, I was in the office. Then there was this acute pain in my abdomen. Something like menstural cramp and it is not possible cause my "auntie" hasn't visiting me yet.

And I never had this kind of cramp soooo badly! I went to the toilet; hoping that it can relieve a bit! But it did not! I almost called for help in the office toilet ): Irene told me that it is because my "auntie" is visiting; but it is impossible cause it is still early and even if so, I won't have this kind of bad cramp!

I didn't want to postpone the photoshoot as it is really bad and super last minute! After work, I went to get some tako balls; hoping that it is just gastric or something? The pain is always there whenever I walk! It seems that my uterus is dropping or something!

The pain stopped when I am doing photoshoot; maybe cause I did not walk much! But when I am going home, the pain came again! =( Unbearable!!

Can you imagine the pain last till morning! I cannot take it and went to see a doctor. The doctor concluded that it might be uterus or intestine! Till at night, I just went to another female doctor who referred me to SGH ):

And I did not go, I will see the condition how for tomorrow! Worst thing is, tomorrow baby is flying off! OMG!! ):

s.u.c.k.y w.e.e.k!

With love

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