Show Mania!

How to Train your dragon
I've watched How to Train your Dragon not in 3D :)
It is really an entertaining show!
If you want to have a good laugh, maybe it is a good idea to catch this =)
I somehow like hiccup's expression. Quite cute! hahaha!
Rate: 8.5/10


學警狙擊 EU

I watched this Hong Kong drama series last year!!
If you have watch all the 學警狙擊, this is the sort of "last" episode you must watch!
Hopefully there are part 2, part 3 for this!

One of my favourite Hong Kong drama series of the year!
江世孝 AKA 苗侨伟 is so suave lah!


And now I am watching this!! 苗侨伟 again! hee hee!
This show make me laugh through out!!

With love

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