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09 April 2010

We've met up with clique for dinner and simple catch up (:
Dined at a Hong Kong Restaurant at 313 Somerset; followed by Mind Cafe.

Officer Chong Meng has just came back from his Brunei training. I am so relieved that he came back in a piece! He said that he almost treated us eat "curry kuay"; as he almost fell from a cliff!! Phew! I am having phobia about overseas training! Friends/Love one. I will feel so uneasy if they are to go for overseas training! ):

Oh ya. And the happiest thing is that he told me that he might not need to go for Thailand for training due to the present situation over there and might change to Tekong Training instead! I am over the moon AT THAT TIME!

[The saddest thing came on Monday; when his encik has confirmed the trip. The feeling is like dropping from heaven to earth; thinking that I've strike 4D and then realised that It is all a dream; sucky feeling!!]

I know I shouldn't behave in this way; but somehow I'm disappointed lah. Just pray everything will be fine when he is over there.


10 April 2010
It is not his birthday. It is not 09 May. But still I celebrated advanced for him. Simple Reason is that he'll be in Thailand for training during that period.):

Not a fantastic birthday celebration with great friends, family and etc. However, a birthday celebration that I gave it to him. We had our stay at Siloso Beach Resort. It was our first stay though we stayed at Treasure Resort; however it has already ceased operation. Anyway, I don't really like their service as it is really slow and they seems to attitude. Because of that, we had a long wait! =\

Wave House in front of Siloso Beach Resort. This looks really cool! But it is not cheap! $30-$40 per hour? It will be damn awkward if you are not a pro. Falling in front of the crowd and then carried away by the wave followed by a hit. Ouch! Painful!


Resort World. That is our first time stepping in! Nope, we didn't go for Universal Studio as going theme park with baby is a waste. LOL! It's because most probably I will end up playing nothing but the kiddy ride. =x He is oh-so-going to kill me if he saw this.


We got so hungry but there is nothing that we can eat. =\ Then we finally found a Chinese restaurant - Ru Yi Restaurant. A rather up to standard Chinese restaurant! :)
I miss the Ru Rou Fan in Taiwan! Though it is not the same, but still Ru Rou Fan =DD


Hershey Chocolate World! Fantastic! Chocolate is my life!! He got me a Hershey cookie and cream bar =) LOVES!

And the rest... See picture will do.

Ok. baby was damn mean to trick this fellow that threw his hat to him and expect him to throw back to his head. But baby purposely anyhow throw. Made him catch; Made him pick up; then finally throw to his head. LOL

Look what's behind him!!

Oh ya! The worst thing came after we left Resort World. I realised... I forgot to zip my pants! DAMN IT! Luckily my blouse is long enough to cover it. I think no one saw? So paiseh! I always have the habit to forget close my kopitiam. =\ That is not the first time already!!! Rawr!


Then we went for a swim! Swimming pool with natural spring water!! ^^
And the water is super salty!!


After that we went to Song of the Sea! It was our first time again. LOL!

Then there was this Caucasian couple. Her husband is super hilarious. He cried when the performers are singing "Singapura". HE REALLY CRIED OUT LOUD! His wife was rather pissed off and asked him. HE SAID HE'S MOVED!! LOL! We aren't sure what he is moved about! But definitely, he did tear as he still used his tissue to wipe off his tear. well.... weird?

Dinned in room


There came the surprise when he is bathing! Then when he came out... (The light was switched off by the way)

I really love the candles that I bought! HAHA! The only problem is that cake is too small!

When doing all the surprised (It makes me burn midnight oil for a few days, even the day before, I finished at 5am in the morning!), I really feel that time really flies! from 2004-2010! Every Year seems to be... every month? So fast and clearly stored inside my mind! And every birthday present that I gave him. This time round, I bought him a Itouch! I think it should be handy when he is in Thailand =)

Birthday celebration never been a meaningful time to baby. Like what he told me in 2004 (we are not even together) when he first messaged me to "inform" me that that day was his birthday. He said. He never celebrate his birthday at all. It seems to be another normal day except with people wishing you a happy birthday and that's all.

And I am proud to say, from the day when 2 become 1, I am always celebrating for him... till now =) Except that it is soooooo advanced this time round! haha. I shouldn't say happy birthday to him here yet, cause it is not even his birthday! I shall say when the day comes, even though he is in Thailand.

With love

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