Unlucky day!

16 march 2010

Hey peeps! You will never know how unlucky I am yesterday at work!

My LG KM900 dropped into the toilet bowl after I had finished my business!!

Things happened like this! I have a stomachache OUT OF SUDDEN! When doing the second time business, I was pondering if I should bring newspaper in since I will be doing for quite long!! HAHA! Then I decided to bring my phone in. Cause I am always listening to Yes933 when I am at work!

Business went smoothly and I flushed in down cause it is xxxx. Things happened when I can cleaning xxx. After cleaning, I flushed and I stood up!

I have no idea why my phone will slipped and dropped inside the toilet bowl! I am panic! As I am totally afraid that the flush might flushed away my phone!! And when the flush is clear! I just reached out my hand to get it w.i.t.h.o.u.t h.e.s.i.t.a.t.i.o.n!

MY! everything happened in just a second that I am somehow lost!! There goes my LG phone! *pout*

After I came back from my secondary school clique meet out, I tried to hair dry my phone.. Miraculously, my phone woke up!! And I decided to trade away my phone. HAHA!

And somehow, there is a problem with it. I am unable to answer phone or pick up any calls; the LCD went black! :( I think I will go for a service since it is just less than 6 months old? But that's have to be after a few days! Make sure it is super super super dry before I can do that!


I went for a body checkup at a Japanese Clinic nearby my place! They did a blood test and a urine test! Hopefully, it turn out to be fine! Cause' it cost a bomb!! 70 Bucks!!

And they gave me some medicine for my cough and flu. BOOOMZ! There goes my another 60 Bucks!

Total Damage: $130 (OUCH OUCH OUCH!)

With love

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