Right into you

It seems like we've just started yesterday.
flipping through all the photos we have taken.
Flashing back of these memories.
No doubt; they are still fresh in my head.

Amazing; I still remembered the story behind each photo.
Capturing down the memorable moments.
The time we have our first photo taken on the bus; which is so hideous to us right now
The time you are force to take picture in the crowd; though you are a little shy.
The time you made the most ugliest face in front of me
The time you force to smile in front of camera
The time we first celebrate all the occasions.
The time. And each of every time.

I smiled and asked myself.
How long have I been with you.
days after days. years after years.
Baby, You know I'm still right into you.

Together we've hurt, smiled, cried, fought, argued
And together we come to a conclusion;
To make up; To apologise; to solve everything that hinder our ways.
and most importantly,
together we figured out the secret of our lives - that we are meant to be.

Inspiration: When arranging those photo in my hard disk.
Dedicated from ME - YOU!

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