Hide me away!

Have you ever feel so vexed and troubled that you wish to hide yourself in your cabinet?
To hide away all the troubles.
To hide away all the sorrows.
But definitely, it will never hide away the unhappy you.

You tried to stay postive and stay strong; but somehow the negativity ends up stronger than you and drained you off completely.

You know what is the most miserable thing?
A person who appears to be jovial to others and on the outside. He/She can goes to work normally, plays normally, talks normally; behaves everything like a normal people. But deep inside, something went amiss - He/she isn't happy a lot yet appear to be. - There are lots of people like this - including myself.

I hate to unexplain the unexplainable things when things happened. Why do things happen like this? Why do things happen like that? They seems to have a reason to happen but what is the fact that makes this happen? goes on and on.

Sometimes I feel so redundant. Find no place which I feel I am supposed to be. So, tell me, where am i from? Mars I guess

Take in a deep breath!
I wish I can step into this picture - Langkawi Beach. (will i ever get there?)
I feel the peace and silent.
With love

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