Sorry that I couldn't hide my happiness!

But I am happy enough!! This number is given by aden! He always will read out numbers! And each time is always 4 numbers! HAHA! I don't have the habit to buy! Once in a very blue blue moon!

Somemore I bought wrong! I wanted to buy $1 ibet and $1 exact number! Then realised, I only buy $1 ibet! HAHA! Lazy to go back to buy. LUCKILY the number open is not the exact number! If not, $2000 fly! HAHA!


Here is the angry part! If you followed my tweet and facebook, you will know!
YES, I am fucking being used again! I really hate to say this! I don't know why is that useless person still around! Why are there people who love to claim credit? Why are there people who love to ask people to do things when he/she did nothing but to claim credit? WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!

Am I that stupid for you to use over and over again? (yes I think I am!) I really hate to say I really hate you!! And you are nothing in my eyes at all! If you agreed to help that person and able to agreed it and promise you will do this and do that for him/her. THEN DO LAH! WHY ASK ME!?!?! IT IS DAMN FUCKING OBVIOUS THAT YOU ARE CLAIMING THE CREDIT!! I don't think that the person knows that I did this.

How much can a website cost? a few thousands!! Don't let me know you really claim that money goes into your wallet! or even claim effort!! you are a jerk!! There is a word saying
"there are so many people die everyday, why aren't you?"
ok. that's mean enough. I should say
"there are so many people getting fired everyday, why aren't you?"



I don't know why. I don't like the feeling of being used. I bet noone loves that feeling too! Is it that I am too soft-hearted? Is it that I am lack of awareness? There is no such things as 好人有好报! I didn't say I am 好人! I just hope that my effort won't be waste! I guess it is because I am too young! Lack of experience, Lack of awareness! In the end, 被人吃的死死的!

Do until so nice for what? Do until so pretty for what? In the end, will i get "you did a good job?"
YES, i get it! But right behind my back, I am being stabbed! What for man!

这个社会就是那么现实! 你不吃他! 他还是会被人吃!
做的多没人知, 做的少全世界知道!

With love

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