I was in the conversation with my two besties earlier one. Ok. And something struck my head. Shaoling was waiting for his “dating guy” to pop the question. Both of them named this as “dating” instead of official. I am curious.

If that is the case, I think I am dating also. HAHA! Cause we went into this relationship so naturally and yeah! HE DID NOT ASK EITHER! Should I screw him up or? But after 5 years knowing it, I think it is kinda late. SIGH! Why don’t they tell me earlier. Stupid enough!So I asked shaoling. Alright, what if the guy asked her “baby, shall we go buy a flat?” or “baby, move in with me ok?” and you were like agreed to it naturally. To the guy’s mindset, it must be a yes to his marriage proposal and bet you, he must be thrilled!. But to the girl’s. Buy flat only. It doesn’t mean anything unless you pop the questions. HA!

That’s why men often grumbled about women’s mindset. They will never understand what a girl is thinking! HAHA! I hope Shaoling’s guy can quickly pop up the question. It is so confusing!!

Alright, is SATURDAY! Let’s go out :D Anyway, I love the poem that I wrote below! Hey! I WROTE IT!! heh heh!

EDITED: conclusion? okay. I screwed him up! HAHA! kidding. But he said he did ask... erm. during sms. FML.
When? We forgot. LOL! so, leave 01 december 2004 as our anniversary will do.

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