Camping Night!

13 March 2010
The sky is not cooperating with us at all! It rains in the afternoon and then stopped. Sun came out to greet us for awhile then follow by heavy rain =\
So mean!
We looked at each other and said the same thing "nono. the rain is just passing by..." LOL!
Indeed, when we reached there, the rain has already stopped! woohoo!

We THINK that we bought a wrong wrong tent! Other tent allow them to pitch and bring it to the destination you want to camp.
We have to hammer the pins to the ground!!
It is so frustrating; when the noobs, we, do not know how to pitch tent at all! HAHA!
He even called johnathon for help!
But when he called, I already figured out the way to pitch!
I FIGURED IT OUT FIRST! *damn hao lian*
okok. And we spent 1 hour to pitch. *STOP GIGGLING AT US*
Like I said wrong tent.

The camping is a totally a wrong wrong wrong!
Wrong location; Wrong Tent; Wrong Weather!

And we forgot to bring hell lots of things!
- FANS! (This is darn important! We were freaking HOT at night! And poor him has to use those unused paper to fan me to sleep! But often the paper will just dropped and hit on my head - ahem! cause he has dozed off! HAHA! But I think it is really sweet for him to do that lah!)
- FISHING ROD (I think we need to do some fishing in the future, if not it will be darn boring!)
- Playing Cards (He forgotten to bring =.=)
And.. I think I forgot what we forgotten to bring! hehehe!

But nonetheless, it is a GREAT EXPERIENCE!! It is normal for him I guess. But this is the first time I did camping outside!! Everything is ok except for the warmness that we got. And he still tell me "Remember to bring jacket. At night, SURE VERY COLD one!" And I kept questioning him... "Where is the very cold?" HAHA!

Our very sumptuous dinner!
He ordered this for me as I never eat before!
Yummy Rate: 8/10
Spiciness: 6/10 (I don't think it is spicy)
Website to make your order:

The bentos that I made in the afternoon!
The yummy Egg Mayo Sandwiches! That is my favourite!! ^^
Frying chicken wings aren't easy as I thought =\
And look at the crab meat stick, totally chui as it keep sticking onto the wok!


Sometimes when you are bored, you will do things out of your mind to entertain youself!
And that is how I did!

With love

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