Exploring of Fort Canning

Start of 2010
02 January 2010

The last time exploring Fort Canning will be...
I'm not sure.
Primary school or Secondary school.
Here we are, exploring Fort Canning once again.
It was sudden decision!
Luckily the weather is not that bad!
(I really miss the weather in Taiwan =\)

Retarded Pose...

Zoom Zoom!
Really retarded! LOL!
(Oh ya! Selling this white tube top. Wear once only. Selling at $20)

Nice Scenery!

We wanted to time ourselves to see if how long it took us to get out to the other exit.
But we forgot :(((

So all we can do it to walk and walk and walk and walk!
and also snap and snap and snap and snap like a tourist :P

Believe it or not.
He took a risk to take this photo.As when he was approaching, there is actually A SNAKE!!!
a baby snake I mean;

At first I thought that it was a huge earthworm or something.
I just screamed when he told me it was a snake.
I screamed as well as looking at where it is going to and also finding something for me to cling just in case it suddenly came in my direction!

Can you imagine how 慌张 I am!!!
Roll eyed!


Forget about the snake incident.
It made me more caution.
Who knows there is another snake or something appear again!

Even when taking this picture, I have to make sure there is no creature or insect!
I am really afraid of snakes, insect.
specially those that slide around, fly...
Just Insects!!!

Nono, we did not lose our way.
We are just looking where are we and what are the interesting things that we have missed.
Really didn't lose our way la!!!

Of course we managed to get out of there.
Quite fast I think,
I mean minus away those taking photo.
We should be quite fast :D

End of exploring of Fort Canning.
We went to ROM there to explore too; but it was close..
Not sure why, people don't ROM on saturday????


Look at this!
You might be thinking what I am thinking right!!
Scroll down!!

It is actually a strawberry Chocolate :)
I don't know if a strawberry condom really look like this.
BUT everyone got a big shock when I took out this!

Actually I wanted to buy at Taiwan (taiwan product) for the clique.
But I couldn't find it, it was at kaoxiong there!
So I asked cat to help me buy for me to take a look :)
Interesting huh!

And she bought this...
I shall get it IF I am going there again :D

Some outdated pictures :D

He wore the shirt that I bought for him :D

PS: Realised that I had not summarize my 2009 yet. :P

With love

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