Sponsored: Back to the wavy hair!

Yes. I am back to wavy hair even though I have been pondering to do it or not; especially with a kid now. BLEAH!  My hair has been incredibly dull and boring for the past few months! Sad to say that hair has lost its texture and colours. Little baby hairs growing here and there! Super messy lah! I was hesitating to cut till shoulder length or to for perming. You know the trend now is shoulder length because of Song Hye Kyo. HAHAHAHA! And so my hairstylist, Brandon Ng made the decision for me :>

We were both thinking if I still prefer straight hair, I will chopped off my hair the next visit. In this way I will get to try both hairstyles. HAHAHA! My hair is very dry and frizzy at the bottom so I did some trimming as well!

And the perming began! The process was quicker than I thought. It lasted for around 30 minutes? I felt nothing much but just warm sensation. Pretty comfortable I would say cause I was freezing that time. Hehehe!

Brandon also did a neutralize process which is very important because it help to neutralize the treatment that I have done before. It is also to balance the "hair bond" and to protect my hair from any breakage! Lastly, he did a Moroccanoil treatment to protect my hair from any environmental damage. I had done so many chemical treatments to my hair before so this is equally important as well!

Are you ready for the outcome!? Did a little bit of touch up and start to selfie. By the way, the lighting in the salon is superb good. HAHAHA!
Super duper love the tresses lah. I wondered why I couldn't achieve this kind of curl everyday! Hair before and after salon are soooo different! And you know what, Brandon just did it with a comb and hair dryer! Indeed magical hands!

I have to repeat this again! But for those who are interested and looking for a trusted hair salon, do visit Salon De Choix! Oh yah, don't forget to quote  "Katty" to entitle 15% OFF! for all the treatments. Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1 Singapore 23951 (Just few minutes walking distance from Somerset MRT). Do remember to call 6836 2959 to make your appointment!

With love


20 things that I've changed after being a Mom: Baby Diary 13

I haven’t been actively blogging. But trust me, I'll be back with all the backdated post.

It has been almost 7 months ever since I became a Mom. Well, life has drastically changed since then. No more late night outing. No more, not that much travelling. No more splurging on unnessary stuffs and etc. But with #lilbabychang's arrival, I must say she had made us a better person and matured at the same time. Well, we weren't perfect parents. We made mistakes. We learn as she grows. In fact, every day with her is a new experience and learning journey for us.

So, here are the 20 things that I've changed after being a Mom. Do let me know if this applies to you, new mummies and even daddies. :D

1. I bathe in 5 minutes. In the past, I used to bathe like 20 minutes? I wondered why I couldn't do it in the past. You know, to the extend that I can bathe so sneakily while she is asleep.

2. I know how to eat with one hand. That's because the other hand is holding her. I can even eat while patting her to sleep. A whole new level.

3. Not forgetting, I can gobble up the food in 5 minutes. Daddy Chang used to be the first who finished up his meal every single time. But now, we can compete with each other on that!

4. I/We visit Children Department more than other departments. Cosmetic shops? Clothes? Electronics? Bags? Not anymore. We realised we will walk into children stores/sections unknowingly.

5. My eyes widen when I see promotions! When department stores are having store wide discounts, the first thing I thought of will be baby products. Gosh.
6. And it's all about baby fairs. After becoming parents, we realised there are just so many baby fairs! Did we even notice that in the past? Or are there even baby fairs? Still, we will always visit the baby fairs and ended up spending hundred over bucks on baby products.

7. Bag to match my ootd? Sorry, I only have diaper bag. I am so lazy to bring my own bag along. Bringing two bags out? Crazy, I rather stuff my wallet in the diaper bag. No make up pouch, no perfume. Just wallet.

8. I became a super light sleeper. I get awaken even when she flips or even when the slightest snore that she made. Sometimes I wonder if I did sleep through the night.

9. I can do make up in 10 minutes.
Probably I should indicate that it is a light make up. But still, it was never in the past.
10. I/We became a morning person. I/We used to sleep away my/our weekend. But now, waking up at 9am is consider a blessing.

11. We have no idea of what's the latest trend song. It is amusing that we even caught each other humming lullabies out of sudden. Just imagine, Daddy Chang was humming "Daddy's finger, Daddy's finger where are you" while he was mopping the floor. Omg. We are poisoned!

12. I'm so into pink now! I am never a pink person if you know me. But after having #lilbabychang, pink has became one of my favourite colour! Daddy Chang was so pissed off when he asked me to choose the mahjong tiles colour and I chose pink! It was really nice what!

13. I get paranoid easily. "Why does she keep crying?" "Why doesn't she drink milk? "Why doesn't she poop today?" "Is she unwell?" "Why are there red spots on her face/hands/legs?" There are infinite "Whys". Thus, Google has became my Best Friend.

14. I level up my multi-task skill. I am a multi-task person. But after becoming a Mom, I realised I can do even more. I can cook, wash the laundry, dry the laundry, tidy up the house, entertain #lilbabychang, made her sleep...at one time. Like wow! Even Daddy Chang is impressed.
15. Phone or camera are always within my reach! That's because I want to capture all her milestones! Her first flip, her first smile, her first pout, her first food and many more!

16. Officially an obsessed parents. To the extend that I upgraded my 16GB iPhone to 64GB because memory is always full! I hate it when I have to transfer them to my hard disk. And I actually created an Instagram account for her - @lilcarissays.

17. Baby will always be the topic. I get really excited when people ask me about her or whenever we are in the baby topic. Being an obsessed parents, I want to share every single thing. So friends, please stop me if I can't stop blabbering.

18. The ninja moves. It specially works when she is sleeping. See the video below for more illustration.
19. Doing baby talk or baby dance. In the past, I/we might find it embarrassed to do so. But now, this has become part and parcel. We wouldn't even mind doing all these in the public. Specially if this can calm her down. Why not?

20. Respect and appreciate. After becoming a mom, it made me respect my mom and love her even more. It wasn't easy raising a child. Moreover she had 3! Sometimes I wondered how she managed to do it. Now that I'm a mom, it made me understand her unconditional love towards the three of us. Her constant worries and her caring throughout these years. Her selfless love towards us and her sacrifices she had made. It also made me realise why a Mother can put her children above every single thing. Nothing can ever replace a Mother's love.And of course, everything cannot be complete without Daddy as well.

With love


Part 2. The day #lilbabychang arrived. : Baby Diary 12

It was like a "peak period" in the delivery ward as there were many babies born at the same hour. I was not pushed to the ward after the labour because the nurses wanted to monitor me to check if I suffered from any side effect from the epidural. For my case, I did not. Some people do experience vomitting. But I think I have nothing to vomit lah. I was so hungry for that past 24 hours! How to vomit. Hahaha. Honestly, my mind was all about food. I even asked Daddy Chang to ask the nurse if I can eat now. Like right away after the delivery. Really...Very hungry!

My family reached the hospital before I got transferred to the ward. I am so touched to be able to see them after a long battle in the delivery ward :') After the nurses cleaned me up, I was asked to shift to another bed. It was a tough one, I smelt blood all over. GOSH. I felt really embarrassed while I was on the way back to the ward with Carissa. There were strangers around and they kept looking at us. And you know, I was still in a very messy condition.

The Ward
Late May, we went for the hospital tour and was informed that most of the renovation will be completed by July. Lucky us, we got to enjoy the newly renovated room. Daddy Chang upgraded me to St Michael, single bedded ward. It cost slightly more than the normal single bedded room. Everything was so new in the ward. Daddy Chang accompanied me throughout the stay. Honestly, I am glad he did.

When I got to the ward, I noticed this lovely balloon from my niece which I told her casually about and in the end she got it for me. So sweet of them.
I was given bun and milo as supper. I was so hungry that I even ate Daddy Chang's share. He had his dinner bought by my family. My jiefu and niece were literally serving me. (See the picture below. HAHA!) They even helped me to spread butter on my bun. LOL! Totally feel like the queen of the day. Probably the last time I am going to feel like a queen. Cause I am going to be a slave for my daughter from then onwards. OPPS!
My family stayed until Carissa was allowed to bring out to meet them. It was then we had a good look at her. Many people said that she resemblances her daddy a lot. Even Daddy Chang said that he had a shock when he first saw her. Hahaha. Plus she had loud cries. I meant... Really loud those kind. I wonder if it was because of the 中国好声音 that I have been watching. I really shouldn't sing that much during my pregnancy =\

The First Night
Finally Daddy Chang and I were able to have a good rest. That Saturday seems to be the longest day of our lives. I guess we were really tired. Daddy Chang knocked off immediately at the sofa. He even said that the sofa was so comfortable. As for myself, l am not sure if I had a good night sleep. I woke up at 5am staring at the ceiling. I somehow managed to recap whatever happened. It was still like a dream. I felt really empty looking at my tummy. There was a "lost" feeling in me. In the meantime, my "bottom" was soaked. I could feel that the painkiller is fading off. A little bit of stinging feeling here and there. Nurse started to come in at 6am to do routine check. They helped me to remove the urine bag and cleaned my "bottom". It was pretty awkward as they had to change the pad for me. I was then awake till 8am for breakfast.

The Food
I never expect hospital food to be soooo delicious. I know I am suaku. But it was really surprisingly good! Really got standard kind! I literally enjoyed all my meals in the hospital. Hahaha! Every day I got to order the food that I want from the menu provided. They even had Red Date drink now. But it was additional cost and upon request. Daddy Chang got it for me. It tasted really good! But sorry to say that this was the only picture that I took. Don't look good but it taste really good though! HAHAHA!

The Nightmare.
I was on painkiller for a few days even though it was bearable. The bottom was pretty sore and the stitches made me even harder to walk or even sit. By the way, the stitches were almost till anal. Most of the time I have to lie on my bed because sitting was really a torture for me. My family even got me a float to sit on it. It feel slightly setter but still getting up was another nightmare. I was asked to poo the very next day. The nurse gave me medicine to soften the poop. That was really a nightmare. Then I was even asked to poop before I discharged. Luckily, both poops were a smooth one. Hahaha. That morning, the nurse came to teach me how to clean the wound. It was another embarrassed situation.

The Embarrassment
Throughout that two nights in the hospital, it was really difficult for me to get down from the bed. Toilet visits were really disastrous yet I was asked to monitor the number of visits. I felt really paiseh when I have to wake Daddy Chang up in the middle of the night because I wanted to pee and I thought I could go alone. It wasn't really okay until the last night. Honestly, I am really thankful to have Daddy Chang with me. He was always there whenever I needed him. He was always holding me to the toilet and ready to catch me if I fall. He even helped me when I am in the toilet doing all the bloody shitty thingy like changing of pad, cleaning of the wound or cleaning my body I know we are husband and wife yet I feel so paiseh when he helped me with those simple thing which I thought I am able to. I felt really helpless lah. It was the first time I felt this way.

I am pretty surprised that he did not mind of those bloody business at all. You know, some guys will really afraid and scare of "pantang". But he wasn't at all. He was more afraid that I couldn't handle it on my own. Seriously, I am touched. You have no idea how many times of "Thank you" I have said to him. It was really silly but I really meant it from the bottom of my heart.

This name was named by Daddy Chang long ago. I still remembered it was in 2013 when we casually planning names for our babies. HAHAHA! I thought Olivia sounds good. But Daddy Chang prefers Carissa. Well. Hahaha. Anyway, this fellow was really a mischievous one. We did not get to see her opening her eyes until the second day afternoon. It was so long until I was quite worried. Some newborns open their eyes immediately after they were born. But Carissa did not. Throughout the pregnancy, I always wish that she had dimples, just like Daddy Chang. And yes, my wish came true! She had two lovely dimples! Yay!
Many said her eyes, nose and the sharp of her face look like Daddy Chang. Apparently 80% lookalike. Some said she took over my mouth.

Thank You
There were so many THANK YOU I would like to mention. First, I would like to thank the nurses in Mount Alvernia who took care of us during this period. The services rendered in Mount Alvernia were really good. Most of the nurses were very attentive and helpful. Actually I would like to thank one particular nurse but I did not notice her name. She is a plump size lady. She is a Malay and is most probably in her 40s. She is so friendly and caring. She taught us little tricks to handle newborn and even adjusted the bed so that I could rest better. Apparently she was the only nurse that talked to us that much. During the last night of my stay, she even encouraged me to step out of the ward to have a short tour. Haha. Eventually I did. We walked to the nursery room and she even pushed Carissa out so that we can say goodnight to her. She is really a sweet lady!

Secondly, I would like to thank all our friends/families/relatives that came to visit Carissa and myself. And also thank you for all the gifts and angbaos.

With love
(I realise I forgotten to release this post. LOLOLOL! Will blog about the confinement soon!)


Sponsored: How about Brown + Ash Green?

How about a long and silky hair like this? 

Loving silkiness of my hair whenever I stepped out of Salon De Choix! Brandon, my hair stylist this time did a mixture of brown + ash green for my hair colour. This is my first time trying ash green and it turned out sooooo great! Initially I wanted to have ash blond but he stopped me because he said that I will become very pale with such colours if I did not apply make up. QUITE TRUE! So many people commented this new colour! Wahahaha! 

For those who are interested and looking for a trusted hair salon, do visit Salon De Choix! I recommended them not because I was being sponsored. They are really one of the best salon that I have visited. Trust me, else I wouldn't be with them till now right! Oh yah, don't forget to quote  "Katty" to entitle 15% OFF! for all the treatments. Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1 Singapore 23951 (Just few minutes walking distance from Somerset MRT). Call 6836 2959 to make your appointment!

With love


Sponsored: Post Pregnancy Hair Loss Treatment

I guess there is no way that I can escape post pregnancy hair loss. My hair began to drop after almost 4 months. It is so depressing! My husband was telling me the hair just dropped me every where I go! Got so exaggerate anot?

You can see that they are balding soon!

I'm back to Salon De Choix  for the hair scalp treatment. Sharon was telling me that I have to diligently come back for the treatment - I hope I will. Hahaha. Again, we had the same treatments using the 3 essential oils (Rose, Lavender and Peppermint). You can read the detail of the treatment in my previous post. I really thank Sharon for taking care of my hair condition so attentively. Not only that, we also shared a lot of "mummy stories". She always so concern about my comfortness, making me so paiseh about it.

I think it is all because of post pregnancy. Sad to say my hair was so dry, frizzy and damaged. I don't know why. I think I'm losing nutrients. There are lots of split ends and they are really...in a mess!
Sharon did a Moroccanoil treatment which I enjoyed so much afterwards! I love the steaming session. I can feel that all my pores were opened up to absorb all the nutrients. Hehehe! This Moroccanoil Treatment help to speed up the drying period and boost shine to the hair. No wonder my hair always get so silky and smooth after each time. YOU SHOULD REALLY TRY THIS!
For those who are interested and looking for a trusted hair salon, do visit Salon De Choix! I recommended them not because I was being sponsored. They are really one of the best salon that I have visited. Trust me, else I wouldn't be with them till now right! Oh yah, don't forget to quote  "Katty" to entitle 15% OFF! for all the treatments. Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1 Singapore 23951 (Just few minutes walking distance from Somerset MRT). Call 6836 2959 to make your appointment!

With love


Sponsored: Toddle - Tiny Steps, Big Dreams!

Guess what? In the past, I used to buy the latest trend apparels in the online stores. I would subscribe for their newsletters and get notified whenever they have promotion. Things have changed. My priority has diverted to Carissa. Now, I began to search for baby products online. Like I've mentioned in the previous posts, I always love to shop online. Things are always cheaper and they always delivered right to my doorstep! Hahaha.

came across Toddle.sg in May when I was pregnant. Back then, they have pretty limited products. However, my visit to Toddle.sg in October was a pretty surprising one. I'm amazed by the number of products they have brought in. From traditional gear, functional feeding, bath products to the latest educational toys and luxury gifts! Their aesthetically designed website is so neatly organised and easy to navigate. Furthermore, there are videos to accompany their product description thus giving shoppers better impression of products.

Toddle.sg is a unique baby webshop based in Singapore, which focuses on building a collection of products from the most-loved brands for discerning young parents in Singapore. By consulting parents and professionals, they carry popular brands as well as specially sourced niche products to meet the needs of your little babies and toddlers.
Their collection of products are researched and benchmarked against 5 simple but essential criteria - S H I N E. If you pay attention to their website, each of their products are actually tagged with "Toddle Tags".
What do S H I N E stands for? It stands for...
S - Smart
Innovation is the catalyst to growth, and refresh, novel or simply ingenious products will simplify the challenging task of parenting. They are persistent in seeking and selecting the latest products that are crafted with elements of smart design, so that their customers can select from the best.

H - Healthy
Health is their most precious possession, and specially so for the developing systems of young children. They do research and homework necessary to make certain that the products they offer are non-detrimental to our child's health. That's why they prioritize wholesome, organic consumable and toys made of natural materials without toxic chemicals.

I - Investment
They believe that investing in great products would lead to both savings and satisfaction over the long-term. Therefore the products that they select are not the run-of-the-mill, inexpensive type, but those with great quality that provide excellent developmental value to our child over time. These products are chosen carefully and priced fairly to ensure we get the most out of our investment with them.

N - Necessity
The typical parent will find these products to be essential; they make taking care of a child easier and more enjoyable. Babies don't have a preference for the ostentatious, therefore the products that we select in this category exhibit qualities of comfort and convenience.

E - Eco-Friendly
Children are their future, and it's important that they preserve Mother Nature for generations to come. Environmental accountability is part of their business, and they make it a point to support of eco-friendly products that are made with sustainable materials and methods.

"Toddle Tags" will help you to evaluate all the products in the store and make it easier for you to choose the best products for your little ones. The Tags are created in mind to make your shopping as parents easier.

Toddle.sg has a wide range of brands. They imported brands such as Melissa and Doug, Mary Meyer, Natural Life, Ergobaby, Tommee Tippee and many more. Heard that they will be expanding to import more international brands in! So Do check out their site for new arrivals so you don't miss out some coveted baby merchandises, fastest finger first!

Oh yah! New customers are entitled to 10% for their first purchase!Since Christmas is around the corner, it may be a good reason for you to start shopping for gifts for your little tots! If you are looking for baby shower gifts, Toddle will be excellent place for you to source for gifts as well! . They provide free delivery when you spend above $70! Their delivery is super fast and it will usually take 1-3 days to reach you! So why wait? Hop over to Toddle.sg now to check out their wide range of specially selected baby products!

Thank you Toddle for the gifts for Carissa! :D
Website: www.toddle.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toddlesg
Instagram: @toddle.sg

With love


Sponsored: Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer

And here is the most common question -

Should we sterilize baby's feeding bottles?

My answer to that will be: YES. Babies are very vulnerable to illnesses; specially the first year of their lives. Unsterilized bottles may attract viruses or bacteria to gather and cause our babies to be sick. As for myself, I always ensure all bottles and baby products are sterilized at least once a day.

There are many ways to sterilize bottles. In the past, I used the most traditional way - tablet sterilizing or boiling. For tablet sterilizing, I will drop the sterilizing tablet in a bucket of lukewarm water and cover it with a lid. It was so simple. However, I really hate the smell of the bottles after sterilizing. Other than that, I have also tried the boiling method. Boiling is the easiest method to sterilize the bottles. However, do you know that boiling will cause damage to the teats and not all feeding bottles are suitable for boiling?

So what is the most effective ways to sterilize bottles?

Honestly, I have never doubt the way I sterilize bottles. I always thought that it will kill all the bacterial and it will be "clean". Well, it was until I am being introduced to Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer. 
I realised how important it is to sterilize our bottles in a safe and correct way. Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer is the new generation sterilizer from Korea. It is a perfect sterilizer that comes with dual OSRAM UV lamp. It provide better coverage and it can kill up to 99.9% bacteria! Not only that, the PTC Ceramic heater will also help to dry up milk bottles and other items too!

Why Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer?

Large Capacity. It can sterilize up to 16 milk bottles, teats, pacifier, breast pump accessories, teethers, soft toys and even for household products like spoon, bowl, toothbrush and etc. We can sterilize them all at one go! Save time! Save effort!

Storage Function. It has always been a hassle to keep the sterilized items. Thankful that Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer comes with a storage function. The most amazing part is that it can even help to auto sterilize every 2 hours so that we can safely use the sterilized items anytime we want!
Safety is very important. Thus, it comes with special treated glass and special designed grooves that help to prevent UV rays from leaking out. Not only that, it comes with a special magnetic detector. This means that the UV function will be automatically OFF once the door is open.

There is also a display timer indication to let us know how many minutes left remaining to complete the sterilization. Last but not least, Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer comes in a sleek and modern design and is available in 5 beautiful colours!

How to use?

This is how the bottles need to be placed. Look how spacious it is!
There are 3 functions for you to choose from. Fret not. It is as easy as ABC!
AUTO Function: This is to dry and sterilize at the same time. In this function, there are THREE modes.
- AUTO 1. (Press once to enable the function. Total: 30 minutes)
Air circulation will be going on for 30 minutes. In the meantime, it will dry the bottles for 20 minutes followed by 5 minutes of sterilization (UV).

- AUTO 2 (Press twice to enable the function. Total: 50 minutes)
Air circulation will be going on for 50 minutes. In the meantime, it will dry the bottles for 40 minutes followed by 5 minutes of sterilization (UV).

- AUTO 3 (Press thrice to enable the function. Total 70 minutes)
Air circulation will be going on for 70 minutes. In the meantime, it will dry the bottles for 60 minutes followed by 5 minutes of sterilization (UV). This function comes together with the storage function. The cycle will repeat for every 2 hours for 4 times.

You can use this AUTO Function when you want to sterilize baby bottles, pacifier, baby bowls, toothbrush and etc.


UV Function: This is the sterilize function. In this function, there are TWO modes.
- UV 1. (Press once to enable the function. Total: 5 minutes)
Air circulation will be going on for 5 minutes. In the meantime, it will sterilize for 5 minutes.

- UV 2. (Press once to enable the function. Total: 10 minutes)
Air circulation will be going on for 10 minutes. In the meantime, it will sterilize for 10 minutes.

You can use this UV Function when you want to sterilize toys, teething products, beauty appliances or even mobile phones and remote controllers. ***Do note that you can only use this function when the items are in a dry condition.***


DRY Function: This is the dry function. In this function, there are THREE modes.
- DRY 1. (Press once to enable the function. Total: 10 minutes)
Air circulation will be going on for 10 minutes. In the meantime, it will dry for 9 minutes.

- DRY 2. (Press twice to enable the function. Total: 20 minutes)
Air circulation will be going on for 20 minutes. In the meantime, it will dry for 19 minutes.

- DRY 3. (Press thrice to enable the function. Total: 40 minutes)
Air circulation will be going on for 40 minutes. In the meantime, it will dry for 39 minutes.

You can use this DRY Function when you want to dry items such as baby bottles, silicon appliances, cups,towels and etc...

Simple as that!

Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer have saved me a lot of time and effort to sterilize my baby bottles and products, literally no more wet bottles after sterilizing!
You can purchase Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer at TLO.com.sg at only $359! You can also get 10% OFF if you cash and carry at their showroom. Do note that TLO.com.sg is their exclusive distribution for Singapore.

Check out their Christmas Sale now! 
Thank you TLO.com.sg for the Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer! 
And thank you for keeping my baby healthy! 

With love


Part 1. The day #lilbabychang arrived: Baby Diary 11

Thank you all for the well wishes. I have delivered #lilbabychang - Carissa Chang smoothly to this world on 22 August 2015. It was a 16 hours of labour. *Sweat* The whole process is still very surreal to us. Life is just so amazing. Can't believe we are parents now! And finally I have a chance to blog about the delivery process. So sorry that this post was delayed for so long!

20 August 2015
Today is my Dad's 11th death anniversary. Deep inside my heart, I was telling #lilbabychang not to come out on this day because I don't wish to be reminded of my dad's passing. Luckily she heard me. I went back to work after resting for two days. It was so hectic during work that I could barely breathe because there was a lot things to settle. Both Sharlene and I were having meetings back to back and it was really a busy and tiring day. On my way back home, I was feeling uncomfortable. I couldn't explain the feeling. It was just something "new". My heart was beating fast and I was panting very hard as I walked. For those who are unaware, I have been walking from my office to my mum's place most of the days. (Approximately 20 minutes of walking distance.) Luckily, I managed to reach my mum's place safely. 

As I was on leave the next day, I decided to head back to my own place. (I have been staying at my mum's place.) There were so many things in my mind that I wanted to do. I wanted to wash baby's mattress, towels and clothes. I wanted to reformat my god-damn-problematic laptop. I wanted to pack my clothes. I wanted to tidy up the baby room. In fact, I was eagerly looking forward to do all these stuffs alone the next day. Right after I reached my place, I had a "chit chat session" with #lilbabychang. It was mother and baby time! I have always loved talking to her to the point where Daddy Chang mistakenly thought I was talking to him. Hahaha. I guess only preggies will understand and only daddies will feel the frustration. For the past few days, we have been telling her to tahan until 23 August (which was going to be a Virgo. We wanted a Virgo baby.) and best if 28 August (which was my mum's preferred date) So during our conversation, this was what I have told her:

"Carissa, it is okay if you cannot tahan until "Virgo" or even till 28 August. If you wanna come out, just come out lor. Mummy doesn't want you to feel uncomfortable inside. And this will make me very uncomfortable too."

For the past few weeks, I have been feeling pain all over my body and having sleepless nights. There were times where I really hope I can give birth quickly to end this agony. Hahaha. I am serious. It was so frustrating. There were no ways to stop the pain. Well, it was just so strange. I guess she could really sensed or heard what I said? Before bed, I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHY! I started to get freaking emotional. It was like a roller coaster ride. I was laughing my ass off 5 minutes ago and 5 minutes later I started to tear. HAHA! Out of sudden, I was so afraid of being alone at home. But minutes ago, I was still eagerly sharing with Daddy Chang the stuffs that I will be doing the next day! Unpredictable right? I wanted Daddy Chang to accompany me and I told him that I am really afraid of being alone. And it was not the first time I am alone at home either. I guess Daddy Chang was puzzled. Then I started to break down like nobody business. He got a shock cause he said he had never seen me like this before. I couldn't remembered how many HOURS that I have cried. Eventually I just cried myself to sleep when Daddy Chang managed to apply urgent leave the next day. Super emotional right? FML!

21 August 2015
I planned to call for McDelivery but thinking that it was still early (7+ in the morning) and Daddy Chang was still sleeping. I went back to my bed to catch a small nap. But soon...I dozed off. FML. The next moment I woke up, it was already 11am! Wtf. There goes our McDonald Breakfast! Urgh!

I went to the toilet to pee. I was shocked to see blood! I googled before and I believed that it was the so-called as "Bloody Show" or "Mucus Plug". I stayed calm and shouted for Daddy Chang. "GOT BLOOD!" Daddy Chang thought I am pranking him again which I have been doing so. HAHAHA! So he came over and I SHOWED him the mucus plug. I was like "THIS IS BLOOD RIGHT? I DID NOT SEE WRONGLY HOR!" I think he was trying to stay calm. I was quite amused by his reaction. He was pacing up and down the room and murmured:

"Okay! Got blood! What did Dr Koh say? He said got blood means must go and find him first. Okay. Where is the hospital bag? Baby, let's go to Dr Koh's clinic NOW!

You know, I was still sitting on the toilet bowl with a just-woke-up-face. Teeth had not brushed, face had not washed, clothes had not even changed and he wanted to rush down to Dr Koh's clinic immediately! ROLL EYES. In the end, I calmed him down and reminded him that first child will usually take a longer time, as quoted by Dr Koh. Hahaha. I think I was more calm and steady lah. So he called Dr Koh's clinic for advise while I went for my last bath.

We headed to the clinic in the afternoon. You know, we really like Dr Koh. He is a humorous, knowledgeable and experienced gynae. We have absolutely full trust on him since he had delivered for my sister, sister-in-law and cousin. But the only problem that we have are the nurses, receptionists or assistants or whatever they call in his clinic. Long story cut short, they pissed us off badly. It was so ridiculous as one of them even questioned us if we were Dr Koh's patient! Yes. WTF?!

We were so nervous for the check-up and didn't know what to expect. Honestly, I wasn't even sure if I'm having contraction. There were times where I feel uncomfortable but the pain was just bearable. I guess that was contraction? I really don't know! Dr Koh checked for dilation. It was my first time. That feeling was errr... just imagine he stuffed his fingers in to measure. I was 3cm dilation at that time. I was asked to do Cardiotocography Scan (CTG) at level 2. Both my sister-in-law and I felt that level 2 seems like an illegal operation room. HAHAHA! *If you know what I mean*
I lied on the bed for 20 minutes. I was alone in the room. I was feeling scared. Dr Koh examined me again after the scan. He said that baby was doing fine and did not show much distress. He said that she should arrive either tonight or tomorrow morning depend on the dilation. Therefore, we were asked to go home to wait for the crucial 5 minutes interval contraction.

The waiting game has finally arrived.

We headed back to my mum's place (which was nearer to the hospital). Initially we thought of admitting at 12am but was afraid of the long wait. In the end, we headed to hospital at 3am because I felt that the pain was getting stronger. Honestly, I tried to count for the interval but I really have no idea how! HAHAHA! I did not know if the pain that I am experiencing was the so-called contraction. FML. I am such a loser. I was really afraid that I might have dilated a lot and not in time for epidural. So yeap, we admitted to the Mount Alvernia Hospital after we have dabao some buns at Swee Choon. (LOL!)

The waiting game was about to start. 

It was so quiet in the hospital. Daddy Chang had been asked to do the admission while I was brought to the delivery suite. The delivery suite was just like a normal single ward (slightly bigger) equipped with television, sofa and a huge toilet. The nurse took my weight and informed me to change attire. I was also given a pill to clear my bowels. After 5 minutes, I feel the urge to shit. And I swear: This is the smoothest and loudest "business" I have ever had! So paiseh! Hahahaha! Then I was on Cardiotocography Scan (CTG) to measure for contraction and also baby's heartbeat. Nurse checked for my dilation and I was still 3cm dilated. From afternoon till midnight, it remained at 3cm even though the contraction was getting frequent. I was forbidden to have ANYTHING including water. My last proper meal was on 21 August, 7pm. On and off, nurses would came in to check on my condition. Daddy Chang was lying on the sofa and always checking on me. I guess both of us did not have a wink the whole night.

The time passed super slow. And finally, it was dawn. At around 8am, Dr Koh came to check on me. When I first saw him, he really looked like some guardian angel. I was so relieved to see him. It was like some kind of assurance from him. HAHA! He checked for my dilation and I was at 4cm dilated. I was progressing so slow! So he suggested to burst my waterbag followed by putting on drip to hasten the dilation. He burst the waterbag within seconds. The pain was bearable. I felt a gush of hot fluid flowing down from my bottom. After that, the nurses helped me to put on drip and Dr Koh left to check on other patients. Gosh. I was even trembling when the nurse put on drip for me. Yes. I am that timid. I still remembered the first time I was being put on drip a few years ago. I cried like nobody business. It was so embarrassing and this time round, I told myself to stay strong.

After awhile, the nurses came to do some preparation for the epidural. I asked for epidural in my pre-admission letter. I heard a lot about epidural and the side effects. Some people encourage and some do not. For my case, I am really afraid of pain and I decided to take it. The anesthetist came in shortly to do a introduction and explained the procedure. Daddy Chang was asked to wait outside. I was getting nervous once again. I couldn't remembered what are the exact process but I was told to lie sideways. The injection took about 10 minutes. Many people described it as very painful. I was so tensed. The nurses were very encouraging and one of them even held my hand to give me encourage. They taught me to focus on my breathing. Breath in...INJECT... Breath out. DONE. Pain was really bearable. There was this kind of "sng-ness". Other than that, everything seems to be fine.

I was asked not to move that much because the tube was held intact at my back. You know, I really kiasi, I did not dare to move a single inch at all. After that, nurse came to insert the urine bag as I will not be able to hold or feel my bladder anymore. The lower part of my body was totally numb yet strangely I am able to move my legs.

The waiting game has started.
Honestly, we were mentally and physically tired. I felt so helpless with all the machines and needles on me. I was hungry. VERY HUNGRY. Yet I couldn't eat anything. Initially we thought we would be able to receive Carissa before noon but...I was still far away from the 10cm dilation. Daddy Chang couldn't eat anything seeing myself in this state. But I chase him to get his breakfast and lunch settled. I told him if I couldn't eat, he have to eat them for me. He would need energy to help me with the push. Hahaha. The whole morning and afternoon, we spent most of the time watching television. The time was just passing soooooo slowly and we were getting so impatient. I think if you were to ask him what he did in the delivery ward. His answer would be...seeing the graph from the Cardiotocography Scan (CTG). He got really excited when the graph was hitting very high. He kept asking me "How? Can you feel? The contraction is so high now!" ROLL EYES. And his next favourite thing to do is to...
 see how much I have urinated! *ROLL EYES*
At 12pm, I was 5cm dilated. I felt absolutely nothing when the nurse came to check for dilation. My lower body was so numb. That was the benefit of "Happidural"! I always hope she will tell me that I have hasten the process. But each time, different nurse who came in to check for my dilation will tell me "Too slow". One of the nurse even asked me "What happened, my dear? It was still so slow." It was really disheartening.

At 3pm, I was 6-7cm dilated. It was still progressing slowly that I have to top up for my epidural. Can you believe it? I felt so demoralized at that time. I was so hungry. My body ached so badly because I was at the same position since morning. I could only lied on the sides. I felt super duper helpless. I was tired yet I couldn't sleep at all. My eyes were always looking at the clock in front of me. I seriously thought if I would ended up emergency cesarean because of the long wait. Daddy Chang was helpless seeing me in this state. We were constantly talking to Carissa, hoping that she will come out soon. But I guess she did not hear us at all! ROLL EYES!

It was 5pm-6pm. I think the most demoralizing part was to hear newborn cries coming from other delivery suites at every 10 minute intervals and we were still freaking waiting for our turn. One cries after the other. We could even count the number of babies born. "Carissa ah Carissa! Are you ready to be out?" Each time Daddy Chang would hold my hand to comfort me: "Soon will be our turn!" Finally, Dr Koh came to check on my condition. We were so delighted when he told the nurse to prepare for delivery. YES LAH! We have been waiting for so long. From nervous to excited to despair and now back to nervous and excited again. I couldn't express my mixed feeling at that moment. I have no idea what will happen in the next few minutes...My family have been keeping in touch with us. They have been constantly giving me encouragement. Just a "Jiayou" voice message or text message made me tear. I was at the weakest point of my life and I was relieved that my families and friends were there to support throughout the process :')

And the push began...

The midwife was there with me before Dr Koh took over. For that one hour, she was teaching me how to push. I tried all ways trying to push YET she told me that I was pushing the wrong way. LIKE HOW! At that moment, I could not even feel anything. It was so hard for me to push. The midwife reduced the epidural so that I could feel a little pain. You know, it was like you are trying to gek sai but there is no sai for you. HOW TO PUSH?! The midwife was kinda discouraging. She said "You know, the mummy beside you who came in later than you, she pushed for a few times and her baby is out. You have been here for the whole day!" Wah lao eh. I was so affected lah. I don't know if she did that on purpose or not. After one hour trying to push, she called Dr Koh in to help me with the pushing. She even got the vacuum extractor prepared! I was so traumatized! I tried so hard to push yet nothing was out.

And the real push began...

Daddy Chang was beside me giving me encouragement. I think he was panic because I couldn't push Carissa out at all. Daddy Chang was really funny. When I was doing the push, he was beside me, shouting "PUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". And HELLO. It was right into my ear.After a few pushes, I couldn't take it. I stopped and I told him "Eh. can you don't shout PUSHHHHHH right beside my ear? I almost deaf!" We both had a good laugh. I know he was nervous. But the way he shouted would really affect my pushing! I think I will really get deaf if he continued. HAHAHA!

The next half an hour was the most crucial one. Another midwife came to help me. Dr Koh said that baby's position was not that right and he ADJUSTED FOR ME. I could literally feel that the head of the baby move. I have no idea if he inserted his hand in or what. But after a few hard pushes plus the help of two midwives pushing my tummy and the suction of the vacuum, Carissa has finally arrived! *CRIES* Dr Koh immediately "throw" her to me. I was too shocked. Carissa was crying so loud! Her body was purple in colour. Her head was pointed because of the vacuum. I cried hysterically and apologized to her for making her head like that. I couldn't control my cries. Daddy Chang was lost yet thrilled with tears! He was asked to shout thrice "我要当爸爸了" by Dr Koh before he cut her cord. Hahaha! Daddy Chang said that the feeling was like cutting hard 猪肠粉. WTF.

Honestly my eyes were all on Carissa after the delivery. I think the most amazing part was she stopped crying for a few seconds when I called out her name, she responded. Daddy Chang looked at me in amazed! She could actually recognized my voice! It was just so amazing. Hahaha! I was so engrossed looking at her that I have totally forgotten that Dr Koh was still doing the stitching for me. It was until a while then I realized he was still "down there" stitching. Like wtf. Apparently he had been talking to me yet I did not pay attention at all. HAHAHA! It was then I asked him if the wound was okay cause I felt that the stitching part took quite some times. He then told me that I had a third degree tear due to the wrong position of Carissa's head and her head was big. THIRD DEGREE TEAR! That was why I had a hard time pushing. WTF.

And here is our Baby Carissa. Not going to post all her pictures taken in the delivery ward - they were all very bloody and obscene. Hahaha. Carissa is almost 3.4kg and 51cm. (37 weeks 6 days!) She is quite a big baby. Doctor said that she has long legs and arms! Just like Mummy and Daddy! Imagine I were to give birth to her at full term... I did not dare to think so much!
I really thank all the 神(s) for this smooth delivery. Thank you for the pregnancy, thank you for the healthy baby girl. We were really glad that everything went rather smoothly despite of the 16 long hours of labour. But it was worth it.

Thank you those who have helped me along the way during my pregnancy. (You know who you are) I am really glad to have every one of you in my life. Thank you for the advice and support. LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Through this pregnancy, I have learnt a lot. I have learnt to be more independent. I have learnt to be more caring. I have learnt how 伟大 are all the mummies in this world.

Our parenthood has just began. This path isn't going to be easy but we will give all our best. So far, we have been adapting well. And thank you, Carissa for entering into our lives. Both Daddy and Mummy have nothing but we will try to give you everything you need. Love you so much!

With love
(Part 2 will be about the hospital day. Stay tuned!)


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